Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT service management tools 2019


Information Technology is one of the fastest-growing sectors in today’s world. It has a number of benefits, which makes the life of its users a lot better. Many organizations, companies, private business firms use information technology in their business and make their work more effective. We all are surrounded by technology in some or the other way in our day to day life, and almost all our functioning is done by the technology itself. The arrival of technology has changed everyone’s life, and even the organizations are completely dependent on technology as all their works are done through a computer. The computer helps the organization in storing the data, processing of data, and also maintaining the records of progress. The impact of technology is very high on all of us as we cannot even think of days where we are not able to access the internet, computer, etc. For making human life easier, technology has played a vital role indeed. Every now and then, we engage ourselves in this technology almost every day. We use these technologies on a daily basis by using phones, electric appliances, and, most importantly, computers and laptops.

Benefits of Information Technology 

Information Technology (IT) has been a savior for many individuals as well as for organizations. It has a lot of unmatchable benefits such as the accuracy, and the speed for processing the information is excellent. All organizations, governments, private business houses, institutions, and even individuals have been successfully multiple their abilities to process information. Another benefit of information technology is globalization; social media apps such as Twitter, Facebook, and other networking sites have been helpful to people to make interactions and share their ideas. IT has removed the physical barriers between nations and keep them connected. It has also been excellent in the field of entertainment, as you can download or purchase movies, music, games, TV shows more easily. The smartphones, laptops, iPods have given unlimited entertainment on different platforms. Information technology has also made communication quicker and cheaper. Through video calling, you can be connected to people sitting far away from you. Text messages, e-mails have proved to be the best ways to have effective communication. It has helped in the advancement of economies; it has made business more efficient, overall buying and selling activities are no longer restricted by distance and time. Now, the organizations and companies from different parts of the world can now interconnect with each other whenever needed. IT and education have been beneficial to all the students as they can access to the internet have a whole world of research material. All the educational institutions are imparting knowledge through various modern gadgets. It also creates new jobs as the rising demand for IT professionals is increasing. Many people are going for jobs like software and hardware development, web application design, computer programming, and system analysis.


ITSM and Gartner’s magic quadrant tools 2019 

ITSM (Information technology service management) is the activities that are performed by the organization to plan, design, operate, and deliver the information technology services offered to customers. Now comes the magic quadrant, which is a series of market research reports which is published by IT consulting firm Gartner. The reports rely on proprietary qualitative data analysis methods to demonstrate market trends such as maturity, participants, and directions. Gartner’s magic quadrant is a culmination of research in a specific market. It gives a wide-angle view of the relative position ls of the market’s competitors. The function of a magic quadrant is that it provides a competitive graphical positioning of 4 types of technology providers in the market. It consists of four segments measured along the x and y-axis. They represent the completeness of ability and vision to execute. The four segments are leaders, visionaries, niche players, and challenges. The tools and tricks which are used by Gartner for evaluation of market strategies and market the extremely effective and comprehensive whenever it comes to its reliability and accuracy. The statistical method of representation of the market situation is extremely beneficial and is appreciated by a lot of organizations and is proved to be highly informative.


Information Technology benefits the business world, and it also allows the organizations to work more effectively and to keep them growing. It creates job opportunities and helps many individuals as well as the organizations to strengthen their business.